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Hello fans of the betfair trading. For you we have designed this page. We know that many of you are interested in lay betting so this section is exactly for you. We will provide you with high winning rate lay tip with overall lay odd between 2.50 and 5.50 odd. It depends from the sports event. Tha lay tip could be tennis or soccer event, but this is not so important, because our goal is to give you winning tip. For the beginners we will explain the meaning of lay betting and lay tip. This is prediction that you can made in Each event has lay and back odd. The lay bet is a bet agains an event. So for example.

N. Djokovich – R.Nadal – Back 1.30 odd / Lay odd 1.40 (for Djokovich) – Back 3.50 odd/Lay 4.00 odd (for Nadal)

If you want to bet on lay Nadal on 3.50 odd this means that you bet Nadal not to win. So if you want to win 100 euro your liability will be 100×3.50 odd – 100 euro(your bet) = 250 euro. This means that if Nadal win you will lose 250 euro but if Djokovich win you will win 100 euro. It`s the same if you bet 250 euro on back odd for Djokovich 1.30 odd. So the lay bet is the oposite of back odd.  This bet is for professional bettors who know very well the philosophy of lay betting. The profit here is not so big but is very secure in a long term. If your goal is big profit you have to bet with high stakes because of the odds.

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